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Testimonials from happy clients

A lovely client of mine said this to me recently (1).png

Kelle shared her top three Strength Finder Attributes - Positivity, Empathy and Adaptability.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

- Valerie

I am an educated woman with a ‘bag of tricks’ based on past counselling sessions to handle life’s many challenges. I was looking for someone to help me ‘deal with reality’. What I found, with Kelle, was a life coach to focus me in my search for self love and living my life in a more positive direction.


My experience with Kelle was life-changing.

- Diana

When I began my conversations with Kelle my company was amid a major pivot, I had been working all my off days to help my wife with her business, and my 20+ year gym routine had been decimated by the pandemic.  I had been deferring dietary and lifestyle changes until a time I realized would never come.

Out of the gate Kelle's presence evoked a sense of calm energy coupled with holistic thoughtfulness.  In just one session Kelle was able to identify my primary issues and propose accessible solutions. 

I was impressed with how Kelle was able to make personalized connections between gratitude, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and rest.  I learned how subtle changes could yield amplified results.  Best of all Kelle's ideas are pragmatic and sustainable.  The only side effect was dropping 15lbs which I've kept it off two months and counting!

- Raja

I started working with Kelle just over 6 weeks ago. We began with a wellness tune-up and talked about where I’m at in terms of my health and wellbeing as well as  where I’d like to get to.


Kelle helped me to think about my goals in a way that suited me. She gave me suggestions that fit with my lifestyle and work and with what I was already doing with my exercise and eating.


If you would like some support to achieve your health and wellness goals, Kelle is the person to get in touch with! It is so great working with Kelle. I feel absolutely no judgement; she actively celebrates my wins with me; and gives me ideas that will support me to achieve my goals. I am so glad I chose to work with Kelle. She is genuine, professional, enthusiastic, and fun!

- Judith

Kelle has been an excellent soundboard for me. She speaks from her experiences and offers new and uplifting perspectives to the challenges I've been facing. This has helped me reframe my old 'stories' so that I can find empowering ways to move past my challenges. She is nonjudgemental and incredibly supportive. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Kelle.

- Sophie

Working with Kelle has been a pleasure. I decided to work with Kelle because I could not get 'unstuck' despite having more free time to work on my projects during the first year of the pandemic and related shutdowns. In just a few months, I have completed the novel that's been languishing for over a decade, studying Italian every day without fail and have connected with ex-pats and real estate professionals to make my long-term goal of living abroad a reality. Kind of a miracle! Kelle's empathetic approach and practical advice have helped me put myself first and learn valuable time structuring ideas. The feedback and accountability in our work together have changed my life, even during these trying times. Thank you, Kelle.

- Sonja

Working with you was a lifeline for me. I'm one who believes in measurable results, no matter how small, and with your kindness and support, I was able to see those results. Knowing you are there for me is so valuable. Knowing I have you on my team, and that you would be honest and willing to point out the hard parts (in a very kind manner) made me trust you. I knew you were there for my well-being, and that meant sometimes asking the hard questions. I'm thrilled to know you are now a part of my self-care. Thank you so very much.

- Tasha

Working with Kelle helped me greatly. She helped me when I felt really stuck in life emotionally and physically. My stress levels have decreased because she helped me find ways to get rid of that stress and let myself relax. Kelle also helped me find ways to improve my diet and find better choices when living in an environment where my food choices were very limited. Overall, Kelle helped me look at things differently which made me a more bright person.

- Azura

(Many more to come!)

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